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May 31, 2012 · 1 comment in Social Media,Stellar Presentations

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, like a face-to-face engagement despite what we zealots of social media like to think. Group Twitter and Facebook chats have value, but they often are confusing and misunderstanding sometimes is an unintended consequence. Webinars have a definite value, but when I present in that way, I often feel during my slides that I am presenting to an empty room..

But we keep trying new ways to present online and slowly steadily they get better.On June 5, I will be trying out a new hosting platform called Shindig. I have not used it or watched more than their demo, but it seems to me a most promising technology for bring speakers and their audiences closer together online.

Shindig, a New York City-based startup, is focused for now on authors, and I will be using my time to promote my new book Stellar Presentations at 2 pm PDT next Tuesday, but I hope some of you will attend just to check out the new platform.

Shindig has created a virtual library room, one that looks a bit like the great room at the NYC Public Library. On one screen, attendees will see me. On another my short deck. Then we will have a Q&A, or perhaps just a general discussion about presenting. When people virtually raise their hands and get recognized, they go live to ask their questions.

Go watch the demo you can find on the Shindig page I linked above. It’s easier than my telling you.

Shindig has started and it will be interesting to see how it develops. Fr me it looks like a fund way to see and share with people everywhere, from the comfort of my own home office. If you have time, I hope you will catch at least some part of this very promising social communications experiment.


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@CreativeFusion May 31, 2012 at 12:45 pm

What a great idea for a shindig! Look forward to attending and congratulations on your new book.

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